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Shibaricon Volunteer Information

We are ready to accept hardship volunteers for Shibaricon 2016!  Please fill in this form to submit your volunteer application.

Please do not register as an attendee if it is your intention to work as a hardship volunteer.  We will review registration for those who have registered and this may or may not affect your chances of being chosen.   Each time someone registers we incur fees.  From this point forward, anyone accepted to be a hardship volunteer who has already registered and paid will be charged a cancellation fee.

While we want our volunteers to be able to enjoy Shibaricon, efforts to ensure volunteers are able to attend preferred classes, play or attend unofficial pre-event gatherings are secondary to scheduling shifts to meet the needs of the event. Being part of the Shibaricon volunteer team is hard work but is also fun and rewarding.  Many of our past volunteers loved the experience and return every year.

Volunteer Types

1. Goodwill: You can volunteer for couple hours (or as much as you want) to help make Shibaricon the best conference ever out of the kindness of your own heart. If you wish to be a goodwill volunteer, please check the box on the registration form and someone will contact you.

2. Hardship: If you would like to attend but can not afford the cost of the event you will be required to work 18 hours throughout the event or 12 hours plus either set-up and / or break-down. Please contact us for further clarification. If you are interested in being a hardship volunteer, please fill out the application. Please do not both register as a paying attendee and fill out a hardship volunteer application.  If you have already paid to register, this may affect your chances of being chosen as a hardship volunteer.

Note: If you register as a volunteer and do not show up to the event or check in to the event and do not check in with the Onsite Volunteer Coordinator you will be banned from volunteering in the future. All Shibaricon volunteers depend on each other to be able to enjoy the event. Please remember that if you are scheduled to volunteer and do not show up someone who does show up might have to miss a class or work longer hours to cover for you.

Shibaricon Volunteer Positions

Preferable experience includes a medical background (EMT, paramedic, nurse, doctor, etc), knowledge of basic first aid, CPR. Individuals in this position will be expected to maintain incident reports.

Play Space Monitors (DMs)
Preferable experience includes knowledge of basic first aid, CPR, and knowledge of generally accepted BDSM safety. Experience with more extreme types of play and rope suspension is highly desired. This position requires experience sufficient to understand if/when to intervene in a situation, a diplomatic personality and the ability to monitor a situation without being intrusive.

Preferable experience includes administrative support or office management. Registration volunteers will check in attendees, distribute conference information, and serve as a point of contact for attendee queries. Skills required are attention to detail and the ability to solve problems under pressure while remaining calm and pleasant. Handling chaos with grace and diplomacy and thinking on your feet is very important in this position.

Convention Operations
These volunteers will assist the Facilities Coordinators and other Shibaricon staff  with a variety of duties.  Responsibilities will include resetting of play space and classrooms, assembling equipment, assisting attendees, running errands and other duties as assigned. Applicants should be able to lift 40 lbs. comfortably and stand for long periods of time.

Merchandise Sales
Preferable experience includes a background in retail or any other occupation involving cash handling and customer service. These volunteers will be responsible for managing inventory and cash handling at the Shibaricon merchandise table.

Personal Assistants (Fri-Mon)
These volunteers will be assigned to senior staff to help with whatever comes up during the event.  Volunteers in this role will serve as gofers, messengers, and extra pairs of hands.  There may be a lot of running around and there may be a lot of standing and waiting around for something to do.  You must be comfortable in either situation.  Preferred qualifications are excellent communication skills, the ability to focus with great attention to detail,the ability to lift 30-40 lbs regularly, and the ability to stand and walk for long periods of time.  Hours for this position will be scheduled and those chosen to work in this role must be available to work 18 hours during the con rather than 12 hours plus setup or break down.

Please note that volunteer demo bottoms will not qualify for hardship status. If you are interested in serving as a demo bottom for the event please email us.

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