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Shibaricon F.A.Q.

What is the minimum age to attend Shibaricon?
Shibaricon is open to adults aged 19 years or older.  You must be at least 19 years of age before the event starts.

I have no experience with rope bondage.  Is Shibaricon for me?
Many Shibaricon regulars started out just like you!  Each day you will have the opportunity to attend hands-on workshops designed for those who want to learn the basics.  Our instructors are incredibly patient, thoughtful and best of all approachable.  If there is something you want to learn or practice you will have an easy time finding both instructors and attendees willing to lend a hand and share their knowledge.

I have advanced bondage skills.  Why should I attend Shibaricon?
Shibaricon will offer several intermediate and advanced level workshops throughout the event.  Our most experienced attendees often come away both having learned something new and having shared what they know.  It is amazing how much skill sharing goes on among newfound friends outside the classroom.  In addition to education, Shibaricon provides a great atmosphere to connect with others in the rope community.

I have never been to a kink event.  What can I expect to find at Shibaricon?
Friendship, fun and community!  Our focus is education and skill sharing and through those activities many lasting friendships are formed and fostered.  Days are spent in classes & shopping in our vendor mall.  Nights are spent socializing and playing in our fully-equipped space.

What is pansexual?
Simply put, it means anyone and everyone is welcome!  People of all sexual orientations and gender identities who love rope are encouraged to attend.  It also means that all our classes & play spaces are open to all attendees, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Is Shibaricon different from other BDSM/Leather events?
Yes and no.  Most BDSM & Leather events are designed to foster community and bring people together.  In that way we share the same goals.  We differ in that most play spaces don’t have as much rope play going on.  Rope play has a different feel and can often set a different mood than other forms of BDSM play. At Shibaricon you will find a very laid-back environment.  Many have commented that the energy at Shibaricon is uniquely casual and comfortable, providing the perfect environment for learning and sharing.

If I don’t have a partner can I still attend Shibaricon?
Absolutely!  Many of our attendees come without partners.  Couples sometimes split up during class time.  It has often been said that it is very easy to meet others and make friends in Shibaricon’s friendly and welcoming environment.  Instructors will usually try to help pair up any singles in the class for hands-on work.  It’s not uncommon for newly paired lab partners to become friends or even play partners.  Attending classes provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people in a non-threatening, low-key environment.

What should I wear?  Is there a dress code at Shibaricon?
Inside the Shibaricon event space you can wear whatever clothing, or lack thereof, that makes you comfortable.  Most people keep it casual during the day.  Yoga pants or shorts and tank tops or t-shirts that allow for freedom of movement are very popular for our hands-on classes.  In the evening, some attendees will don their finest fetish wear while others remain casual or wear nothing at all.  There is no dress code and you are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable.  (Please see the event rules for attire guidelines when outside our event space in the public areas of the hotel.)

What should I bring to Shibaricon?
For our rope classes you will need rope and, of course, safety shears.  3 lengths of 25’-30’ and 2 lengths of 15’ is enough to get started.  Our vendors will have plenty of rope and rope bondage supplies for sale at the event as well.

Do I have to sign up for classes?
Classes at Shibaricon are first come first served.  Class sizes are limited; however, with 8 concurrent class sessions you will not have a difficult time finding a worthwhile session to attend.  In fact, many lament that there are so many great classes it’s often difficult to choose.

Why do some classes require attendance at prerequisite sessions?
A small number of 2-part classes at Shibaricon will require attendance at the 1st part to attend the 2nd part.  This is mainly because vital safety information is discussed in the first part of the class, allowing for more hands-on intensive work during the 2nd part of the class session.  In order to allow for the intensive educational opportunity these classes are meant to provide, there will be no exceptions to this rule.

Why do some classes list requisite skills?  Do I need these skills to participate in the class?
Most intermediate and advanced classes will list requisite skills you should have before attending the class.  This list of skills represents presumed knowledge.  Because these classes are for intermediate and advanced students they will move at a faster pace and will not always cover the basics.  For certain advanced classes, especially those in suspension, limiting a student’s participation based on perceived skill level will be at the discretion of the instructor.  There will be classes for every skill level during each class period.  You will get the most from Shibaricon if you choose classes appropriate for your skill level.

Is play in the evening limited to rope bondage?  Are other forms of play welcome?
Other forms of play are definitely welcome at Shibaricon!  Since the focus of the event is rope bondage and the attendees are interested primarily in rope you will probably see more rope play than in most spaces.  This makes for a somewhat quieter and more laid back space than most people are generally accustomed.  We have been told that the energy at Shibaricon is unique.  Please don’t let this hold you back from engaging in other forms of play you enjoy. For many, rope bondage is only part of the equation so you can expect to see many forms of play each evening.  (Please see our play space rules for guidelines & prohibited activities.)

Should I fly into Midway or O’Hare?
For your convenience, we recommend that you fly into O’Hare and utilize the free shuttle offered by the conference hotel.  Please see the hotel page for more information.

Does the hotel charge for parking?
Our venue does have a daily charge for parking.  We have negotiated a discounted rate for guests of the hotel.  If you are not staying in the hotel you will need to pay the standard daily parking rate.  Please contact the hotel directly for more information.

Does registration include my hotel room and meals?
Your registration fee includes access to the event, classes, vendor mall and play spaces.  Room and meals are not included.  Please see our hotel page for more information about the conference hotel or to reserve your hotel room.

Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?
You are welcome to stay where you like; however, please remember that when you support the conference hotel you support Shibaricon.  With classes starting at 9:30am and playtime ending at 3:00am there is often little time for sleep, let alone commuting to another location.  Staying at the conference hotel also affords you the convenience of being able to return to your hotel room during breaks in our schedule and generally makes for an easier weekend.  Click here to reserve your room at the conference hotel.

Money is really tight right now.  Do you offer scholarships?
Shibaricon provides the opportunity for you to volunteer at the event in exchange for complimentary admission.  Please see our volunteer page for more information and an application.

More questions?  Please email us.


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