Shibaricon 2009 May in Chicago
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Shibaricon Educational Tracks

Shibaricon offers educational opportunities in all areas and levels of rope bondage including static techniques and suspension, and the use of rope in various types of scenes from entertaining & humorous to meditative to sadistic. There will be classes on specific types of ties, specific styles of knots, various schools of thought on rope bondage and much more.

The main goal of education at Shibaricon is to share ideas and techniques practiced by experienced riggers, relate experiences and techniques of rope bottoms and gain perspective into the psychology and history of rope bondage. There will be classes about topping, bottoming, safety, culture, art, history of shibari and more.

While we make every effort to classify classes as beginner, intermediate and advanced there will inevitably be a mix of experience levels among the students which could have an effect on the class content. Please be sure to take into account any "requisite skills" and other "presumed knowledge" when making your class selections. Every effort will be made to schedule classes that are beginner, intermediate, advanced/suspension, bottoming/psychology/history and/or "other" at every class period to give those at all levels an appropriate class opportunity every time.

One "complaint" the production team has become proud of is that there are always difficult decisions because there are so many great classes taught opposite each other. While we understand your pain, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to present so many worthwhile opportunities. If you are unable to attend a class this year don't despair as many popular classes and class subjects will be presented again in future years. Trust me... there are classes we have all been trying to attend for 3 years and still have not managed to get to them all!

Class Categories & Descriptions

Check back for more details and check the schedule page for class schedule updates.

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