Synthetic Urine Kit and Drug Testing Views

It has come down the line to walk into the clinic, a probation officers’ office, or even your own moms’ room to take a drug test. The sweat on your brow is not going to help your case, that is, if you know for a fact you will not pass. Nevertheless, let us hope for the best right? Wrong! That is exactly what you would think if you fail your drug test. Professionally speaking, anything from medical prescriptions to a class a felony narcotic can and will show up in a drug test. No sweat right?

Drugs are one of the highest tested corporate policies, even with the legalization of Cannabis; they are still tested for numerous reasons. So how can you pass them? There are a few ways that people have passed some tests although they are not accurate all the time, and they are not recommended: Niacin, synthetic urine, friends bottled pee. However, the one that is my favorite and that is recommended, just do not do the drugs, and you will have no problem.

Before we continue, as I am sure you are sticking your feet to the grindstone looking to obtain this information, let me share with you a few random facts I found out about drug tests.

First, No test is perfect. Well that was nice to know but can’t your hair be tested if that fails? Yes, actually, a hair sample is sent into a lab and it is ‘liquefied’ to show the drug that were in it. Moreover, even when hair on your head can be tested, there are other places your body carries hair that is just as accessible. Like your arm. And you can even test dead peoples hair! However, there is nothing to worry about. No test is perfect right? Well, I bet that took a little relief from you? Well if not, maybe the following information will help.


As I scoured over in internet, I came across an abundant amount of information regarding drugs. To brief you quickly according to, “a drug is considered a chemical substance of known structure, other than a nutrient of an essential dietary ingredient, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect.”

The perfect way to get a passing grade and impress your friends is to buy synthetic urine kits that you can pass out. There are so many drugs on the market these days, that it would take a lot of time and research to share all of them with you. Therefore, after planning the best way to share with you about drug testing, and how to pass them, I have decided to narrow it down to the top few that are the most popular currently.

To find the most popular drugs that people are using, I found a company called “The Recovery Village”. Their website is listed in my sources below for more information if you would like to have more in-depth knowledge of their statistics. From my findings, the mentioned “there are seven different drugs types and each has its own set of effects and risks: Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Dissociatives, Opioids, Inhalants, and Cannabis” I decided to go into a brief synapse of a few of the above-mentioned drugs to help you get more of an understanding of drug testing, and why people do it.

The first one would be a Stimulant. Which is rather easy to describe, as it helps to stimulate the brain. There is one product called upass that works well. It helps with being alert or cause the user to “speed up” in a sense. For example, Cocaine, which is widely known and is the cause of lot of people going to jail. Battles have been fought in the past over this drug and they are still happening today. Sadly, the drug continues to circulate the regions, so it is tested for reasons such as new jobs or even personality disorders. Almost everyone in the world knows what coffee is and most have a craving for it every day.

Nevertheless, coffee is chemically different from Cocaine and does not have the same effects that the hardcore drug can do to your body. That is why one is legal and the other is not. Moreover, as I mentioned before, even a little coffee can show up on a drug test, but because of its components, and it is legal, it will have no effect on your drug test. However, if you are using a Stimulant like Cocaine or Methamphetamine, then be aware, that will show up easily on a drug test.

There is no drug test that is infallible. Research has shown that many labs testing for drugs have recorded a lot of error arising from poor quality control. Some labs have been able to rectify this by putting in place measures to reduce the likelihood of false positives in drug testing.

There is a common misconception that goes to say that urine drug tests can easily detect people who are drug-impaired but evidence has shown that the test only shows results of drug use in the past which does not have any relationship the performance of the person on the job. Drug tests can effectively detect marijuana, and as such, it can promote the use of other substances like cocaine and opiates which can easily wear out in about 3 days. These drugs are rarely even tested.

Our Parters:

Drug tests can easily be passed if you carefully follow the right process. You can detox for a couple of days if you have clear notice of the period of the drug test. It is usually a very effective way to get clean urine during the drug tests. There is also the option of getting fake or synthetic urine to pass a drug test. However, this method comes with its own risks. The fake urine must be at normal urine temperature which is about 91 to 97 degrees, and it should have the right color. There is some good synthetic urine that is available online although it is rare to come across most of all these at over-the-counter drug stores.

The easiest way to pass a drug test is to stop taking marijuana now especially if you know beforehand that you are likely to do a drug test very soon. The THC will take a while to wear off. For regular drug users, it can up to 90 days while in medium users, the THC can wear off in about 45 days.



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